Friday, October 17, 2008

Kitty Kat Makedo

Made by Jennifer of Wonders of Whimsy. He needs a new home for the Halloween and Fall season! Go see Jennifer and make arrangements for adoption!

Kitty is 10 inches tall. He is made of osnaburgh that Jennifer has stuffed and hand sculpted paper clay on top. He has been painted with acrylic paint and attached to an old fashioned bobbin. His collar and hat are made of festive cotton fabric and trimmed with old fashioned garland.The bottom has a wooden piece on the bottom, which is painted as well, for stability.


Primitive Times Magazine Ad

I purchased a full page in the next issue of Prim Times Mag. I am offering any of my PFN friends space on my page. We will promote each others business and the Prim Friends Network. Each "vendor" will have at least ONE nice sized pic, a description of her business, and the contact info. We have 6 signed up now. The cost of this is $5 for each site you list. As we get more people signed up, the less it will cost. I would like two more, if I can get them! That would make the ad $3.75 each. Pass the word, let your readers and craft friends know.


I have not heard from Leigh Stonehouse. As you recall...she won our drawing on the 15th. I am going to give her a day or two more, and then we will have a redraw. Ladies, keep your fingers crossed. You have one more chance to win those beautiful apples from Mandy!