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Featured Crafter--Rusty Bucket Prims

Regina was born and raised on farm in Chilhowie, Virginia. She currently lives in the Great Appalachian Mountains of VA in a town called Saltville! She's the mother of one grown daughter, Morgan! I love going to craft shows, antiquing, second hand shops, flea markets and yard sales "anywhere I can find junk, I love my junk!". She also enjoys music, swimming, and most of all crafting anything primitive. I've been crafting most all my life! My mother taught me how to crochet when I was 12 years old and I've been crafting since then! I was hooked from that first day she showed me how to make a granny square! I'm always looking for new things to make!

What or who influences you?
My family mostly, I remember my grandmother making lye soap outside over an open fire! My mother always working on quilts and sewing clothes for our family! I want the younger generation to see how our grandparents and great grandparents lived. I am so happy to see more and more people wanting to learn about our heritage! Everything I make is handmade or hand painted! My older brother Mike has a lot of influence on me, Mike and his wife Dicy have a leather shop and make some of the most beautiful saddles and accessories for horses, he sells on eBay and at his home, he's a wonderful craftsman !

What is your favorite item's to craft?
I love to make olde time lye soaps! I cook my own lard outside in a big wash tub for my soap making! I use my grandmother's recipe for all my lye soaps! I also enjoy working with wood, painting, sewing, anything primitive!

How long have you had your online store?
Rusty Bucket Prims has been open for just a few months! I have really enjoyed having my own website!

How did you come up with the name Rusty Bucket Prims?
I thought a long time on what to name my website, one day I had planted a lot of flowers in some old rusty buckets & enamel pans, I have them sitting everywhere! I had company that day and everyone started calling me the rusty bucket lady! LOL

What do you sell in your online store?
You just never know what I might have listed! I love the unusual and unique!
Old 'n worn country primitives, Folk art, one-of-a-kind items, lye soaps, doll dresses, doll bonnets, stacking/nesting boxes, rusty pins & nails, rag rugs, prim dish rags, grubby dolls, fabric cover boxes & books, decorative painting, seed bags, rusty wire candle holders, grubby candles, old weathered tobacco stick peg racks !

What is your best seller/s?
My biggest sellers are my doll dresses, lye soaps, my rusty pins and nails!

Do you sell wholesale items?
I do sell some wholesale like my lye soaps and rusty pins and nails!

What types of advertising do you like to use to promote your store?
I like to do banner exchanges, plug boards, networking, top sites, and I hand out business cards as much as possible.

With the way the economy is right now, have sales dropped or remained the same for Rusty Bucket Prims?
My sales have picked up in the past month or so. I hear more and more people have started shopping on line so they don't spend on gas! In my case I guess it's been good so far because my sales have been doing better!

What other venues do you use to sell your crafts/wares?
I sell on eBay, Etsy, webshots, and I do a couple of craft shows a year!

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Do you have any advice for crafters who are thinking about opening an online store?
It's a great opportunity to get your wares out and meet a lot of super people!
You can visit Regina at Rusty Bucket Prims

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