Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Primitive Times Magazine

Be sure to download the October issue! It's full of great craft ideas and guess what!? Your's truly--Cranapple Christmas--has a full page ad and is the featured crafter for October!!

Okay...I've been toying around with buying ad space in the magazine for the Prim Friends Network. There would have to be a charge to add your name and button, but it would be nominal...probably around $5-$10, even less depending on how many we get to sign up. We can get a full page for around $30 right now. She's having a sale. So if we get 30 people...that would be $1 each. 10 would be $3 each, etc. I am going to reserve one for us. If you want space for the November magazine....let me know in the comments section. If we don't get at least 10 to sign up, I will use half the page for Prim Friends and the other half for Cranapple Christmas.


basketsnprims said...

Shari, your ad looks great. I can't help you out on sharing cuz I closed my website last year. I plan on visiting your website.


rockriverstitches said...

Awesome Blog! Stopping by your blog via Crackling Crows. Now gonna go down load Primitive Times Magazine.


Kathy said...

Hi Shari, Count me in twice once for Kittredge Mercantile and once for ~ THE PRIMITIVE HANDMADE DIRECTORY ~ Thanks for all your efforts to help promote me and others. Kathy