Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to Prim Friends Network!

This will be a place for prim, whimsical, and shabby chic crafters to network and promote their business, website, or blog! The best part is that it is all FREE!

Here are the rules:
Send a 125x125 button banner to me at
This banner will be posted on our sidebar and linked to your site.

Featured Crafter: We will feature one crafter each week. To participate email your Company/Personal Bio to, along with 2 photos of your craft. First come first served! Hopefully we will have enough entries to place you in a queue--so we don't have to scramble each week for an entry! LOL!!

Monthly Contest: Each month we will have a drawing/giveaway. This will be sponsored by Prim Network Members. If you have something you would like to donate for the month of September...just drop me a note at The drawings will be on the last day of each month. I will also need you to send me a button or product will be featured on the sidebar for the entire month.

Plugboard: Plug your business here! 88x31 plugs only.

Crafts for Sale: You have the option to post a picture and contact info for products you have for sale. Limit of 3 per person.

In exchange for all will be required to set up a Prim Network Friends Link on your Blog or Website. This can be text only, or you can be as elaborate as you would like with pictures, banners, etc. The only requirement is that you do it! This is a Network and it doesn't work if it's members don't "Network"!

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of paying $10-15 per month just for the privilege of my banner sitting on someone else's site. I own one of the "pay to advertise" sites, but my rates are very low. My goal is to just pay for the site each month! I DO NOT begrudge these people for making money...that's the name of the game, but you can only spend so much money each month. Why not assist your fellow crafter with some FREEBIES! Let's work together to promote crafting AND your business!